The Metaverse and Singularity

Most people think "The Metaverse" is a virtual place. Like in a movie Ready Play One or Free Guy. A virtual world, like Minecraft, Roblox, or like Zuck showed in the Metaverse Demo.

But what if it's not a place?

It's not a place but, a Time? wtf?

Yes, a moment in time.

There is a concept known as Singularity. It's a moment in time where AI becomes smarter than Humans. The Moment when Artificial Intelligence = Human Intelligence (intersection point)

Metaverse is a moment in time where our digital life worth more to us than our physical life. This is not a overnight change, or an invention by some Steve Jobs type. Its a gradual change that's been happening for 20yrs. Every important part of our life is going digital.

  • Work: from factories to Laptops, boardrooms to Zooms

  • Friends: from neighbors to followers. Where do you find Similar interested/minded people? Twitter, Reddit, etc.

  • Games: more kids play Fortnite, Pubg, Valorant, etc. than basketball and football.

  • Instagram stories are your personal billboard to broadcast who you are.

Soon, companies will make smart glasses that sit in front of your eyes all day. We will go from 50% screen time to ~90%+

That's the moment in time when The Metaverse starts. Because at that moment, our virtual life is more important than our real life.


"There is nothing either good or bad. Its just a thing."


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